Tuesday, 7 September 2010

black men to worship


  1. so glad to be here sir's

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  3. Black Masters, i have been seeking to live on a farm owned by you, i am living to serve all Black Men, it is the sole reason for my existence, to be worthy of totally serving/worshipping you. The Black Man IS the Superior Master Race.BBB,Big,Beautiful Black cock is a need in my life i am not wanting to live without any longer.I give my face and body for Black men to use as they see fit, toliet, urinal, spitoon, sewer, to be worthy of covering my body with the food that leaves your beautiful Black body.i am now knowing the reason for my living is to serve Black Men.My place in life is at your feet, to worship you as the Black God you are to all white men that need you.we are here for you, take us and we will serve as the devoted dedicated white slave to the Master Race. I am here for you.

  4. Hello

    my name is Paul, and I live in Paris, France. African Men know that french men are the best cock-suckers, but also submissive servants for Black males, as servant or as females...

    I am looking for Black dominant men to serve and to obey, in a total discretion, respectfully.

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